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The national level precipitation map shows the total amount of precipitation that will be accumulated within the next 72 hours.
Click map to select watershed/county to explore detailed precipitation forecast data.
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Precipitation Forecast Map

The Precipitation Forecast Map provides users an interactive way to visualize a mapped forecast of the precipitation for the next 72 hours for any location across the Continental United States.

If you are new to this application, You can click the User Guide button below for a step-by-step guide to using this application.

The Data used by this application are updated hourly from the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) produced by the National Weather Service.

The Precipitation Forecast Live Feeds data used by this application are avialble on Living Atlas of the World.

This application was designed and developed by Esri's ArcGIS Content team.

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Choose the type of geographic area (watershed, county or user defined area) that you want to use to summarize/analyze the precipitation data. You can select the watershed or county by clicking on the map, or draw a freehand polygon to select your own area of interest.

You can also use the search feature to find watershed or county by entering the name of your city or zip code (i.e. Redlands, CA or 92373).

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Using the chart:

On the chart panel, you can displayed more detailed information about accumulation/precipitation of the area you selected across different periods of time.

Precipitation data is always displayed for a specific time period. This application shows both precipitation and accumulation data:

the precipitation data display the sum of precipitation for each 6 hours period; the accumulation data always display the accumulated precipitation from the start time of the data through next 72 hours.

You can use the menu button (on the right side of chart) to switch between these two options.

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Using the chart:

You can also use the chart to control the data displayed on the map, click the chart to choose the forecast period for which you would like data to be displayed.

The table above the chart displays a break down of the precentage of areas by the amount of forecast precipitation. Move your mouse over the table item to filter polygons on the map.

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